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ECLIPS 2400 DUO - 400 watt 240v AC/DC mains/12v dual charger (1-6S LIPO or 1-15 Nixx)

Manufacturer: Corally

Part No: C48491

Stock Level: 1

Price: £211.97
Saving from RRP: £-53.02

The Eclips 2400 features 2 power outputs which are powered 400 watts maximum with a integrated balance load system for the 2 output channels. A total power package of 400 watts. The power load balance system balances the load between channel 1 and channel 2. For example, the load on channel 1 is 200W, then channel 2 has 200W available. If load on channel 1 is 300W, channel 2 has 100W available. The Eclips 2400 can charge or discharge up to 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cells or 2 x 6S Lithium cell batterypacks simultaneously. The Eclips 2400 has individual cell voltage balancers at each output. The charger can be used continuously due to the 4 fan cooling system and the internal sensor for controlling fan speed. The Eclips 2400 features internal cell balancers, high contrast LCD displays and important warning and safety functions.


o Dual charge output
o 1-6 Li-Po, Li-Po HV, Li-Fe, Li-Ion cells
o 1-15 NiCd and NiMH cells
o 2-20V PB batteries
o Fast Charge, Balance Charge and Storage Charge modes for lithium batteries
o Automatically controls current rate during charging and discharging process
o 2 power outputs charges up to 2 batteries simultaneously
o 2 independent balancing ports for lithium batteries
o Five user customizable pre-set per output
o Four fan cooling system with internal sensor for controlling fan speed
o Batteries can be set to automatically Charge/Discharge or Discharge/Charge up to a maximum of 10 cycles
o Power supply output 400 Watt - 17V DC

Battery Charge - Discharge Programs

Li-Po Cells Program
o Li-Po Balance Charge
o Li-Po Charge
o Li-Po Fast Charge
o Li-Po Storage
o Li-Po Discharge

Li-Po HV Cells Program
o Li-Po HV Balance Charge
o Li-Po HV Charge
o Li-Po HV Fast Charge
o Li-Po HV Storage
o Li-Po HV Discharge

Li-Ion Cells Program
o Li-Ion Balance Charge
o Li-Ion Charge
o Li-Ion Fast Charge
o Li-Ion Storage
o Li-Ion Discharge

Li-Fe Cells Program
o Li-Fe Balance Charge
o Li-Fe Charge
o Li-Fe Fast Charge
o Li-Fe Storage
o Li-Fe Discharge

PB Cells Program
o PB Charge
o PB Discharge

Ni-Cd Program
o Ni-Cd Charge
o Ni-Cd Auto Charge
o Ni-Cd Re-Peak
o Ni-Cd Cycling
o Ni-Cd Discharge

Ni-MH Program
o Ni-MH Charge
o Ni-MH Auto Charge
o Ni-MH Re-Peak
o Ni-MH Cycling
o Ni-MH Discharge


Input Voltage AC: 100 - 240V AC
Input Voltage DC: 11 - 18V DC
Charge Power Total WATT: 400 Watt
Charge Outputs / Channels: 2 Charge Outputs
Battery Types: Li-Po o Li-Po HV o Li-Fe o Li-Ion o PB o Ni-Cd o Ni-MH
Charge Power Max. (CH 1): 400 Watt
Charge Power Max. (CH 2): 200 Watt
Discharge Power Max. (CH 1): 40 Watt
Discharge Power Max. (CH 2): 25 Watt
Nr of Li-xx Cells (CH 1): 1 - 6 Cells
Nr of Li-xx Cells (CH 2): 1 - 6 Cells
Weight (g): 2550 g
Nr of Ni-xx Cells (CH 1): 1 - 15 Cells
Nr of Ni-xx Cells (CH 2): 1 - 15 Cells
Nr of PB Cells (CH 1): 1 - 10 Cells
Nr of PB Cells (CH 2): 1 - 10 Cells
Charge Current - A (CH 1): 0.1 - 20A
Charge Current - A (CH 2): 0.1 - 12A
Discharge Current - A (CH 1): 0.1 - 8.0A
Discharge Current - A (CH 2): 0.1 - 5.0A
Li-xx Balancer Current - mAh (CH 1): 600mAh / Cell
Li-xx Balancer Current - mAh (CH 2): 300mAh / Cell
Balancer Output Connector (CH 1): 6S XH
Balancer Output Connector (CH 2): 6S XH
USB / PC Connectivity (CH 1): Yes
USB / PC Connectivity (CH 2): Yes
Temperature Sensor Output (CH 1): Yes
Temperature Sensor Output (CH 2): Yes
USB Output: 5V / 1A
Power Supply Output: 400 Watt / 17V DC
Firmware upgradeble: Yes
LCD Screen Type: (2X) Backlit 2 Line - 16 Characters
Dimensions (mm): 256x220x99 mm

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