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Visit our club website for more info, results and booking in at -

We support and race at many local venues, clubs and BRCA Mid South regional’s in the area as well as running our own club here in Watford. So, looking to race locally? Our own club runs every Thursday evening at Parmiters Sports Centre, High Elms Lane, Garston, Watford, WD25 0JU. Currently we run electric off road classes which include 1/10th off road buggies (2wd and 4wd), 1/16th to 1/18th scale micros and also 1/10th scale stadium trucks and short course trucks (numbers permitting). We run to full BRCA rules in terms of dimensions, weights and legality of motors and batteries. In particular all LIPO batteries MUST be charged within a recognised LIPO sack when charged on site at ALL TIMES. This is a zero tolerance rule and anyone found not complying will be asked to leave. Cost to join the club for the year is £30 for adults (this includes membership to the club AND your yearly BRCA membership) for those who have already joined the BRCA direct, membership then to join the club only is just £15. Membership runs until Dec 31st each year for both the club and BRCA. U16’s (as at Jan 1st each year) join the club and BRCA for a fee of £20 all in (BRCA £17 and £3 only to join the club) there are no concessions for club only memberships for Juniors. Booking in for a nights racing is done prior to the event on our club website ( where you can pre-book for each event in advance up to 5:30pm on the race day. We ask that ALL members book in online, failure to do so may result in you being charged “non-members rates” in order to race on that evening. The cost to race is £5 per entry for members and £8 for non-members, although anyone (members or not) can race a 2nd class on the same evening for an additional £3 for the second class. We arrive from 7:30pm and all racers are expected to help set up the track and other associated duties, this must always take priority over anything else. Once the track is complete we will ask everyone to book in and confirm they are present then practice will open. Racers are able to pit in the function room upstairs at the Sports Centre, when you arrive get yourself a table, (cover it with a towel or similar to prevent it getting dirty) and you then have a place to work on your car for the evening, but please ensure that at the end of the night anything you got out is put back where it came from and as clean as when you got it. When booking in, we request that all members bring along their BRCA/Club membership card this is then placed in a tin for the night and used at the end to draw a “sweepstake” from once all the packing away is done (more on this later). Anyone not booking in with their membership card again will be treated as a non-member, (so no card or no pre-booking = non member rates to race, you have been warned!!) Practice generally lasts for about 30 minutes, were you are free to run as many times as you wish, whilst we sort the heats out at race control etc and prepare for racing. When the heat listing is done it will be put on the wall for all to see. Please check this ASAP to see what number you are and what heat you have been put in (and check all details are correct etc and notify race control of anything that is wrong straight away). We then run 3 heats of qualifying races of 4 minutes duration (slightly less than normal to help get through all of the races in an evening) these 3 qualifiers will determine your best time for your final placing, we use state of the art "Mylaps" lap counting equipment at the club which includes personal lap counters (or transponders as they are called) known as "Harrys", these are available to borrow for newcomers for up to three weeks but your own will be required after that, please ask for more info when at the club. When each race starts, you will be called off by race control by either your name or car number on a staggered start. You should take care at all times to stay within the track markings and should you cross over into another lane then simply hop “gently” back over and carry on from where you were originally. If you become stuck or overturned the race “marshals” will right you back on your wheels for you, please do NOT rev the wheels or shout at the marshals, this is a big NO NO. When the race ends your name/number will be called, simply pull your car off to the side of the track where it is safe to do so and wait until “race over” is called before leaving the rostrum. Don’t start shouting at fellow racers during a race, if something is wrong or has happened then race control will deal with it as they see fit either during or after the race has run. All drivers from the previous race then “marshal” the race after at the cone marker referring to your car number from your race, stay alert and marshal cars that crash in your area only. After your marshalling you are free to watch the other races or work on your car until your next race as you see fit. Once all three qualifiers are run, we then work out the finals, everyone makes a final with the fastest people in the A final then the next fastest the B and so on. Finals start on a grid (much like Formula 1), there are ten beeps then a random tone at the start which is when all cars go together. After all races are run, we ask that EVERYONE helps pack away all of the track, ramps and the markings and as mentioned earlier we then run a prize sweepstake. 50p from every full entry is placed into the pot and we draw one of the membership cards to determine the winner or winners. Anyone leaving early without prior consent (without their card) will be questioned on this the next time they arrive to race, the club survives on the principal that ALL people chip in and help out at these times (no exceptions please). When you all get home the race results and championship series results are all entered onto our club website for all to see, please go check them out to see how well you did and how you are doing in the standings. We run several series throughout the year, starting in the spring and with larger ones in the summer and winter months.

Below are the directions and Postcode for our venue at the Parmiters Sports Centre From M1: Leave motorway at junction 6 (St Albans).Follow the A405 (dual carriageway) toward Watford. High Elms Lane is only approachable from the other carriageway, so turn at the first opportunity back towards St Albans. High Elms Lane is on your left before the turning for the M1. Parmiters Sports Centre is 500 yards along High Elms Lane in Parmiters School. Take the first (smaller/more discrete entrance into the premises and NOT the main school entrance) From M25: Leave motorway at junction 21a (Watford/St Albans) and take the A405 towards Watford. Continue past the turning for M1 and then proceed as above Postcode for Sat Nav's etc is WD25 0JU Full address is:- "Parmiters Sports Centre" Thomas Parmiter School High Elms Lane, Watford, Herts WD25 0JU


As above, for more info on the club and for online booking in, please click here for our club website –

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